Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Pictures!!

My sister-in-law, Andrea, had the awesome idea to have all the Hale Grandkids (Arwen, Jackson and her son Grant) pictures taken together so that we could give them to our in-laws as an Easter gift for them!! I just wanted to share some of my favorite ones! Andrea's friend, Dray, took them for us and she did an amazing job!!

Do not let the happy faces on all of these pictures fool you, it was really quite challenging getting them all to smile at the same time!! Even bribing them with candy was not enough at times!

These were our favorites of the Arwen, Jackson and Grant!!

I know that I am getting a little carried away with pictures, but I just cannot help myself, anyway here is one of my favorite pictures of Arwen!!

And then of course I have to put one of my favorite ones of Jackson!!

Okay this is the last one, I promise!! I just loved this one of Arwen and Jackson together!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Purple Shirt!!

For anyone who knows Richard, they probably know that he is really into making sure that his boy is very, very masculine. This is why I was a little nervous to bring home
the purple shirt that I found for Jackson to wear on Easter!

When Richard saw it, I got the reaction I expected. He did not love it, but hey at least it was not pink. Anyway I put his new Easter outfit on him just to make sure everything fit properly and I know that he is my son and that makes me biased, but he makes this shirt look dang good!! I just wanted to post a couple of pictures because I seriously love the shirt and tie combo!!!!