Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tucson Trip!!

I am a little behind, but a couple weeks ago (or so) Richard had to do some work in Tucson for a few days. We invited ourselves along so that we could go visit Liz and Jason. We had so much fun with them!! We even went out to eat one night with them and my cousin Megan. It was a blast and I thought I would post some pictures from the evening!!

Here are Jason, Liz and Megan while we waited for our food. I am not really sure exactly what Jason is doing, but that right there is why he fits in our family perfectly (we are all about the randomness)!!
Here are all us girls making crazy faces because you know in this family we cannot resist that pose.
Here is another picture with Jackson added in . . .
Here are the boys with another random pose!!

The day we were leaving Liz ditched a class to hang out with us and we spent a few hours at the mall, mostly just window shopping. It was so much fun. We took the kids to the Disney Store and Arwen found the Gizelle wedding dress that she really wanted to get, but I was not willing to pay 80 dollars for it, so Liz improvised and put her in the dress long enough to take some pictures. . .

Thanks Liz, Jason and Megs for hanging out with us!! We seriously had so much fun and we hope to come back again soon!! We love you guys!!