Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good times at the Whiting Homestead!!

This last weekend we went to the Whiting Homestead with my cousin, Collette (and her family) and then Satya and Lucia (and their families). Thanks to Lucia by the way for the pictures. . .

Richard and I

Satya and Amaron

Lucia and David

Me and Collette

Mike (Collette's husband) and baby Cole

Satya, Lucia and Collette talked me into hiking up Trego even though I am a wuss, but I did have a good time. Here are some pictures of us at the top. The wind was crazy!!

I cannot believe how awesome Lucia looks considering she just had her baby about six weeks ago!!

Brooklyn, Arwen and Cassideen

Amaron, (Satya's husband) built this wagon, from scraps of metal and wood in his backyard, then he rigged it up and attached it to a bike. The kids had a blast and the mom's got some decent exercise taking turns pulling them.
I tried giving the kids rides, but luckily no one had a camera at the time because it was not pretty. I forgot how to ride a bike and the bike was shaking all over the place.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Our 5th Anniversary getaway!!

Richard and I decided that in honor of our 5th anniversary (on the 23rd of May) we were going to take our very first trip without the kids. We left the kids with my parents for the first couple days and then they dropped them off at Richard's parent's house for the last day and a half. We are so grateful for all of the grandparents help!!

We headed up to Vegas. We had a really relaxing time and did everything without a schedule. We got to eat a lot of yummy food and we went to a magic show and we did a lot of sightseeing, but our very favorite part was when we went to the Las Vegas Temple. It is so so beautiful!! We forgot our camera most of the trip, but luckily we had our camera at the temple so we took some pictures there.