Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We had a late-night Halloween and the next morning we woke the kids up at about 5:45 to get in the car to head to Casa Grande for my Duathlon (which Satya and Lucia) talked me into doing!! I was so glad that I did it though because once the race was over, I felt so great!! I did it in a decent time, even though Satya totally whooped on me!!

The only bad part was we got there at about seven and the race started at seven thirty and I had to get my packet and get my bike put away and of course, inconveniently, I had to use the restroom. I got everything set up and there were about ten minutes until the race began. I decided to go to the bathroom. Well when I was done I looked at my watch and it said 7:33. I jogged out to where the race was supposed to begin and I found this. . .

That is right, everyone was gone . . . they left right at 7:30 on the dot so I was all alone.
It is all right though because I still finished in 1 hour and 29 minutes even though I left three minutes late.

Once the race was over we took some pictures of all of us racers. Lucia was great and even though she broke her foot practicing for the race just three weeks earlier, she was still there cheering us on!!

Here are Melanie, Satya, Charlotte, Me and Lucia after the race!!

Thanks so much to all of the awesome husbands for watching the kids and cheering for us so that we could run and finish our race!! We love you guys!!

One "Incredible" Halloween!!

We had a great Halloween!! We started the evening out by stopping by the Hale's house where we took some pictures of everyone's costumes (including our own)!! Unfortunately Chris and Andrea were not there and that is why we have no pictures of them in the mix.

We had a fun night as the incredibles. . .

Richard's head is slightly cut off, but you get the idea!!

Richard was such a good sport about wearing the tights and he even went the extra mile and wore the spandex that I was not willing to wear!! I would have to say that he is the best looking Mr. Incredible I have ever seen.

Here are Kevin and Jessica, and of course Jackson had to get in the picture with them!

The weekend was also great because we finally got to meet Michael's fiancee, Taylor. She is so incredibly gorgeous and sweet and we are excited to have her in our family!! They look so great together!! Oh and they are dressed up as a "newly engaged couple" just in case anyone is wondering!!

Tiffany and Richard dressed up as the nurse and the beat up patient!!

And Anjuli and Quinn did awesome on their costumes!! Quinn won the funniest costume award at Jessyka and Nate's costume party later that night!!

After we were finished taking pictures, we headed to the Hale's ward party where Richard and Michael competed in the pie eating contest.

Michael won the contest!!

After the party we did some trick-or-treating and then we headed to Jessyka and Nate's third annual Halloween party where, sad to say, I did not take any pictures!! We had an "incredible" night!!