Friday, January 4, 2008


Here are some of the many amazing pictures that my awesome, awesome sister-in-law, Anjuli, took for Jason and Liz's (Liz is my awesome sister for those of you who don't know her) wedding!!

This first one is my absolute favorite out of all of the 650 pictures that were taken!!

Sorry, but I had to put this one in because it is so stinkin' cute!!

Jackson is such a stud!!

This picture just seems so classic!!

I love the view of the Temple in this one!!

Okay seriously, sorry about the numerous posts at once, but now I am caught up for a while!!


Hopefully nobody gets bored by my long posts, but maybe no one will ask me to post anything else again for a while. Anyway here goes the recap on December.

On the first of December, we were able to go and spend time up North (with my family) so that we could attend the Snowflake Temple as my little sister Liz was going through to get her endowments to prepare for her wedding a couple weeks later (we will get to that soon enough). It was the first time I had been through to do a session there and it was amazing. It was an awesome experience to say the least . . .

Here are my dad and mom, Richard and I, Liz and Jason and Jason's mom after she got her endowments.

We were going to try to take some pictures outside afterwards, but it was too windy and everyone else took off so Liz and I just decided to take a picture on our own!!

Liz had recieved her endowments early in the morning so right after we were finished at the Temple, we headed back to my mom's house to get ready for her bridal shower. She had a very nice turnout and got a lot of nice things.

The next day was Arwen's birthday and it seemed like her birthday just kept going as we had three small parties (get togethers) throughout that week.

This is from her party at my parents house, on her actual birthday!!

This second one is at our house!! I think that she had a pretty good time having three parties with numerous cakes and presents!!

About a week after Arwen's birthday, we found out that she has a serious allergy to pistachios. She had two pistachios and about an hour or two after she had eaten them she had hives all the way from her scalp down to her feet. There was not a part of her body that was not covered in hives. It was so sad. She was crying and going crazy on the floor trying to scratch everywhere. After a blessing and some Benadryl, she was finally feeling better and was able to go to sleep. Now we have an Epipen that we have to carry around just in case something like this happens again and she has any problems breathing. We also found out that she is allergic to cashews, poor girl, those are the two best nuts!!

Arwen was so pale and she had hives all over her face, arms, neck and ears.

If you look really closely, you can see the hives all over her back!!

Jason and Liz were married in between this and Christmas but I promised some people that I would post some pictures of their wedding so I will make a new post for that. After the wedding and reception, and getting all of my Christmas shopping finished, we greatly welcomed Christmas. We were able to go up to SJ to spend time with my family (where we missed Liz and Jason), but it was very relaxing. We watched some movies and just visited and ate and ate and ate. I will post some pictures of Christmas in the not too distant future (hopefully). We have not downloaded them off our camera yet. Sorry about this long blog (for those of you who are still reading it)!!

RECAP (November)!!

Okay I have been pretty lame about posting, but we have had quite a bit of stuff going on for the past couple months so I am going to recap November first. . .

In mid-November, my in-laws, husband, Arwen, Jackson and I (most of them, we were sadly missing a couple) went to Prescott to run the 5k or 10k. It was a lot of fun and we all won a medal for our age group and race (we won't say how many people were in some of our age groups). I am just proud to say that I ran (well slowly jogged) my whole 10k. Here is a before the race picture . . .

And here is an after the race one . . .

Then came the Thanksgiving festivities!! We had a ton of fun with Richard's family!!

After Thanksgiving came Arwen's first Dance Recital, she got to take the class with Lucia's little girl Brooklyn (Arwen was so much more comfortable having Brooklyn there). . .