Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Satya and Lucia!!

I just wanted to wish a happy birthday to Satya and Lucia (even though their birthday is almost over). They are two of my most favorite people in the whole world!!

Happy birthday Satya!!! You are one of the most beautiful people on the inside and out!! Thank you for always being willing to do anything to help me. You are always so selfless, even though I know that you have a million things of your own going on!! You are an amazing mother and wife and you are one of the most organized people I know!! Thanks so much for always listening to me when I am struggling with things and for always making me feel better!! You are always one of the first people I want to call when I am having any problems. I love you so so much!! I hope you had an awesome birthday!! I am so blessed and thankful to have you as my friend!!

Happy birthday Lucia!!! You too, are so so beautiful on the inside and out!! You are such an amazing mom and wife as well!! You have always been such a good example to me. I have looked at you so many times and by watching you I know what choices I should make. Thanks for always being so quick to help. You are one of the most service oriented people I know. You are so much fun to be with and I am so grateful that we are still so close after all these years!! Thanks for always being there for me for anything I need at all. I love you so much as well and I am very grateful to have you in my life!!

I love you both so much!!!! You have so many of the same wonderful qualities, but you also have so many of your own unique talents and qualities as well!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bowling with Liz!!

My sister, Liz, had her spring break this week, so the kids and I went to hang out with her for a couple days. She had the great idea to go bowling. It was one of the slowest games (we only played one game) of our lives because it took the kids' ball about five minutes (at least it felt that way) each to get all the way down the alley, but it was so much fun. They had so much fun as did we and I think I had the best time cause I actually won and that never happens!!

Here is Liz with her awesome bowling form!

Jackson getting ready to bowl. . .

Arwen getting ready to bowl. . .

Apparently I am an intense bowler!!! (warning: the following image is slightly frightening)

These were taken after Liz's strike!!

Here are just a couple more random pictures from bowling and from our trip. . .

As you can tell, we had an awesome time!! Thanks again Liz for hanging out with us!!!!

We've got the power!!

We are so excited because we finally got our power (SRP) turned on!!

I don't really know these guys, but I am quite sure that I have rarely been as excited to see someone in my life as I was to see them!!

We have our C of O as well so we are finally llegal to move in!! I am so excited to finally see the end in sight. We have some touch ups to do and we still need to work on our yard, but things are finally calming down for us!! Thank you all for your constant support and prayers on our half. They really did help. It was a long road, but things finally all worked out!! Here are a couple pictures of the house (since the house was semi clean :)