Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My Great Grandpa Burdick turned 100 so my family (the Burdicks) went to California to attend the big party and I just wanted to post a few of the pictures because it was an awesome occasion!!
Here are all of my family members (excluding Richard and Jason) with my Great Grandpa (he is seriously one of the cutest old men I have ever seen!!
A lot of family members took some time to tell some stories about Grandpa and then he took the stage and sang the cutest song that he had sung at his wife's funeral in November of 2007. It was one of the sweetest things I have ever heard and I have to admit that I got a little choked up.

After the party was over, we took a lot more pictures with and without Grandpa in them (mostly with him)!!

I loved this picture of Sian, my mom and Daniel. . .

A lot of my dad's siblings and their spouses and children made it, but we were still missing quite a lot of family members, even though it may not look like we could possibly be missing anyone. My dad is the fourth child out of ten if that explains anything.

Of course I could not finish the post without some five-generation pictures with Great Grandpa Burdick, Grandpa Burdick, my dad, me and Arwen and Jackson. . .


I am really slacking on my posts and for those of you who have already seen my sister's or my cousin's blogs then this will be old information for you, but for everyone else I just wanted to post a little bit about the awesome trip we went on to California. The main reason for going was because my Great Grandpa Burdick was turning 100 and we were going to celebrate his birthday with him. My parents wanted to make sure all of us could go so they rented a huge
12 passengeer van. The only sad thing was that Richard and Jason (my sister's husband could not go because of work).

Anyway so there was a lot (and I mean about 17 hours one way) of traveling in the van, but we made the best of it. We took a lot of crazy pictures to keep ourselves from getting too bored!!
Here are Arwen and I
Jackson also made some crazy faces . . .

Here are my awesome sisters . . . Sian and Liz

And this is the man (my dad) who gave us the amazing ability to take such photogenic pictures (did I mention that I love him?)!!

When we weren't in the van, it seemed like we were trying to get some sleep in random motels, but we did make sure to have some fun too and we spent one whole day at Great America Theme Park!! That was so much fun!! Here is a picture of my whole family in front of Great America, including my mom and my Brother, Daniel!!

My mom and dad were so nice and they took the kids on a bunch of rides while my siblings and I got to ride the big rollercoasters!!

We also went to the beach the following day!! The kids were having so much fun they would not even look up for a picture!!

My siblings and I . . .

Last, but not least, my mom and dad. . .