Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy belated birthday Aunt Kris!!!

My Aunt Kris shares her birthday with St. Patrick's Day. Since we had not seen her in a long, long time, the kids and I decided we would go to her work and surprise her on her birthday. We had so much fun visiting with her (we probably stayed longer than we should since she was supposed to be working), but we were so glad that she let us hang out for a while!! We had so much fun meeting all her coworkers and getting an awesome tour of her work!!

Going back in time . . . I remember when I was younger, she was always the "FUN" Aunt (no offense to the rest of you). All the other aunts and uncles would be visiting with each other and she would be hanging out with all of us kids thining of clever ways to try to embarrass us or inventing fun games to keep us entertained. There was even one point when she had a bunch of us hormonal girl cousins come stay at her house for a week (certain times during this week got pretty ugly), but she found a way to make it so much fun, even though some of us were not getting along with each other!!

She is such an amazing example to me. She is so smart, beautiful, hilarious, independent, etc. Even though she has had some hard things come her way, she always seems to get through them stronger than ever!! I love you so much aunt Kris!! Thanks for always being such an example to me!! We love you so, so, so much!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You rock Sian!!

I just wanted to share, for anyone who does not know, that the St. Johns basketball girls are now state champions!!! I am so proud of all of them, but especially my little sister Sian. She played like a champ even though she had a stomach ache and strep throat!! Liz and I were so happy that we could live through her state championship victory since we never got one!! I just wanted to post a few pictures of the game!!

I love my sisters so so so much!!!

Our awesome cousins came to support Sian as well!! Thanks guys!!

We were sad that Richard and Daniel could not make it, but it was right during work. Richard did go to the other two games before that!!

Way to go Sian, you rock and I love you!!!!

So close!!

Our house has taken a lot longer than we ever imagined, but we are so so close!! In fact, all we are waiting on are SRP and city of Mesa to come and hook up our electricity and water.

Thanks to some of our favorite people in the whole world (Amaron and Satya), we have been living in a toy hauler in front of our house since our appliances were stolen and we have not had any problems since then.

We also have really nice neighbors who are letting us use their water and the generator can now be plugged in to turn the lights in the house on. It actually feels pretty real except for the fact that we have to go elsewhere to shower.