Thursday, July 29, 2010

We are still alive!!

Just to let everyone know. . . we are, in fact, still alive!! It has been forever since I last posted, but I figured I would try to play a little bit of catch-up on (parts of) the last six months. . .SO SORRY!!

I did the Ragnar Relay with SOME of my most favorite people ever (Go Greek Freaks)!!!!

We took some stinkin' cute Easter pictures of Arwen and Jackson!!

We celebrated Jackson, Brodee and Trenton's 4th birthdays!

I got to do a team triathlon with some awesome girls!!! Yes this is the only picture of have of the three of us so how about you just close your eyes and try to imagine that my eyes are open and that I look amazing like my teammates!!

We got to watch our niece/cousin, Ellie, a couple times. Arwen and Jackson were in heaven!!

The cute girls snuggled together!!

We had some fun "GIRL TIME" while the boys were away at the Fathers-and-Sons!!

We got to watch Arwen's dance recital and she was adorable!! There were so many people who came to support her and didn't complain with the tickets being "sold out!" Satya, Halee and Sage as well as Aunt Kris and Uncle John were there too, but I don't have pictures of them!! Thanks for all the support!!

The kids did swimming lessons. We went to the movies, did some roofing in St. Johns as well as celebrated Pioneer days, went to family reunions, etc., but I slacked and I don't have pictures of any of these events!!

We have had a great summer and are getting ready to start school! :(


Lucia said...

love ALL the pics, you always take such cute pics

Marly said...


It's fun to see the update on your family.

Wow you guys seem to start school really early!

Anonymous said...

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